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A Familiar face appeared!

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"Oh, Kamila! It’s so awesome to see you again!" The smile on the red-haired detective’s face is so sunny it could probably light up a room - even if this Kamila probably isn’t the one back ‘home’, she’s really missed the small girl with the yellow bow a lot. Being stuck in the dumb AMU place means that she is unknowing of how her Kamila is - doesn’t get to see or even so much as talk to her, and to actually talk to Kamila again is really, really wonderful. Even if things have been way too sad around here lately. 

With those thoughts in mind, it is probably of no surprise to anyone the fiesty red-head bounds over to the young girl and outstetches her arms for a hug.

"Have things been going well at home for you?" …In another timeline…she failed to protect Kamila. So she’s going to try and make up for that by protecting this Kamila  - and any other she can protect- as best she can!

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“Oh, I get it! You’re from another world, right? Just like Mrs. Jowd? This is all really confusing, I hope I can keep my own world straight from everything!”

-He pauses, falling quiet  as he mulls over her words, tail slowing to a stop as he takes on a thoughtful expression. Everyone around here seems much more acquainted with the “other worlds” thing than he is. He should really try to get to the bottom of this! And suddenly…Sissel makes a lot more sense too! But he…he seemed to be from his same timeline, didn’t he? They’re just somehow managing to communicate like this… That’s… a little sad. He’ll try not to think about it-

“I died because I was shot, Miss Lynne! By the same people who killed Miss Kamila! At least…at least that’s how it happens in my ‘world’! It might be best if we don’t talk too much about my world, it’s a… a very sad place. But don’t worry one bit because I’m here to fix it!”

"…Yeah! ‘Another world’s a way easier way of putting it, heehee! Saves me and you both getting all muddled up thoughts-wise and all! I’ve met Mrs Jowd, too, she’s just as awesome as my Jowd, but yeah, I’ve probably got the same ‘dealie’ going on that she has? I dunno if worlds can get ‘mixed up’ and changed yet or not, though. I’m not gonna try, though. Even if there’s some things I’d like to change…I’d like to change them myself here and now, without cheating and going to ‘other worlds’ to do that!"

Determined statement aside, Lynne’s cheerful expression flickers away very, very fast at what her loyal compainon says next. “K-kamila…she got…oh no…” "You couldn’t protect her, Lynne - you couldn’t keep her safe for Jowd" - the awful, doubtful dark thoughts are quick to snap up at her gleefully, but she firmly pushes them back. It’s awful Kamila got hurt, but…it hasn’t happened here! So she hasn’t failed anyone yet, not here! Still, knowing that she let Jowd down like that, even in another universe…it’s not a nice feeling at all.

This conversation - ironically - has jarred her just as much, if not more, than the meeting with the ‘man from the park’ and learning his true identity. 

"It sure does sound sad, Missile. But I reckon if anyone has a chance of fixing it, you do! You’re the best dog I know!"

Okaaaay, maybe not the most unbiased statement, there. And at Lynne’s next statement, it’s probably easy to see where all that optimistic nature comes from. ‘Animals are like their owners’ and all.

"I bet with a heap of hard work and kindness, those sad times can turn into something really bright, right? If I can help in any way, just let me know!"

"Okay, I’ll have to help after helping with my important case and helping out Sissel, buut what kind of girl would I be if I can’t help my own dog when they ask?"

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No, I-…

-he did that thing again where he starts talking without a plan, without a carefully crafted path or destination for his words so he ends up stopping mid-sentence. Gods be damned, he hates it when he does that. Usually the mental tripping doesn’t come from an ignorant child, of all things. He lingers for a second on that oh-so-important topic of sweet potatoes because yes he has roasted them that way before and it’s kind of a strange memory to conjure up at the moment-

Yeah, you could say I haven’t changed at all, some people would consider that a compliment ya know.


-did she just…apologize? It’s like every gear in his mind just screeched to a halt and started grinding backwards in his brief inability to compute this. Something horrible and twisted rears its grinning maw, something that makes him want to crush her skinny neck and strangle that precious life out of her for such a blinding display of ignorance.-

You couldn’t understand. Not then, not now, not ever.

-as he speaks he goes through the mental processes of calming himself down. gods there’s something wrong with him, something all the therapy in the world couldn’t hope to fix-

Yeah I got in trouble, kid, more of it than you know.

-in retrospect it was like the recoil reaction he hasn’t actually felt in years, like he was jerking a hand away from her searing, simple words-

Wouldn’t of shot you either, I’m not that kind of guy, I was just scared and you were in my way. Sure is innocent of you to up and apologize so quickly, if you could call it that. I don’t buy it. It’s not your fault for bein’ there so I don’t… I don’t wanna hear it.

No? No what? This man - even now - has so many unanswered things about him. How did he survive that day? She doesn’t remember it well - but studying about - what she was allowed to access- about the old case when she became a detective, the reports said right there that the man who’d held her hostage had died that day. Now, if she hadn’t met Sissel before this - who was a ghost - she’d be freaking out a lot more about this, that was fact. Why did this man look the exact same as Sissel, now she thought about it? They seemed to act completely different.

There was some big mystery about this, something she didn’t know. Yet, she didn’t really want to find out right now…but maybe this could help Sissel somehow? She’d have to tell him about this later. Right now, she had other thoughts on her mind. 

"Haven’t changed at all, huh? Well, take it as a compliment if you want to, Mister."

A pause then, as the man’s tone turned dangerous. She might be a rookie detective, but even she can see such obvious blaring warning signs to step carefully.

"…You’re right. I can’t understand all of what happened. They won’t let a rookie like me check those case files, they’re locked away for…whatever reason. But the least I can do is offer some kind of support about that awful day. Good detectives should help anyone.”

Her tone was serious, yet once again - it was almost child-like in how blunt and right-to-the point it was.

"I’m a student of Jowd, after all. And he - and she’s - the biggest person I look up to, and they support people all the time so.” A pause then, careful as the man in red exclaimed he didn’t want to hear it - apparently mollified for now, but she was going to be very, very careful. Right now, she wanted some way out of the conversation. She had…a lot of things she wanted to ask her mentors about this.

"…Alright, how’s this? I promise not to talk about that anymore and leave you alone, if that’s what you want. We can leave each-other to go about our own business, like we were before in this dumb AMU place. The only thing I wanna ask is this.”

She took a deep breath, and for a moment it looked like she’d ask something serious, but instead she asked:

"Your suit looks like that guy from Star Trek’s, so are you secretly related to him and THAT’S how you look the same after so many years, oooor…?"

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Cabanela feels annoyed at being caught off guard by her, a rookie detective of all people, but he doesn’t show it. He tells himself it’s not a big dea, because it’s Lynne, and she’s the last person he should be getting annoyed at. She’s pretty useful, after all. Still, something feels not-quite-familiar about her, and he won’t rest until he finds out what.

They are, baby. As gooood as they have al-ways been. 

His hand casually slips to the pocket of his trousers for a moment, shuffling a bit, before he takes out a pack of cigarettes.

Soooo, care to share what you’ve been up to, hummingbird?

"What have I been up to? Stuck in this weird place called the AMU complex and  trying to figure out all this ‘alternate universe’ stuff that keeps happening, for one. I actually met myself a few days ago, how weird is that? It might seem weird, but it’s true. In fact, I’m probably ‘not the Lynne you know’, either, but any Cabanela is still a friend to me!"

She admitted this with a cheerful tone, despite how utterly bewildering the whole fact of ‘other selves’ was.

"Maybe I might even find an important clue by talking to these other people. To help him. So, uhm, I hate to suddenly ask something so serious, but - do you have any information that might help?”

She was still determined. Determined to prove her mentor’s innocence in that subject, and maybe this Cabanela with the black coat had information her Cabanela didn’t. If so…it was worth asking. For once, her tone had lost it’s childishness, dead serious.

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“I don’t have any cases that need solvin’, though! Thanks for the offer, Detective Lynne.”

Green sticks his tongue out. “Of all people to have duplicates, you’d be the last I’d expect.”

"Well, okay, so you don’t have any cases. Just letting you kno-"

Wait, did he just stick his tongue out at her? Not seeming to care how childish she looks, she sticks hers out in response, going,

"Bluuh! Next time, I won’t ask, then!" However, her rather immature words cut short, then, at mention of the ‘duplicate’ thing.

"Oh, so you’ve met ‘another me’, then? Alternate universe stuff is really confusing…I was really surprised to meet ‘another me’ for the first time, to be honest. Have you met ‘other versions’ of yourself, too, mister spikes?"

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For a brief moment there’s surprise obvious on his features but it quickly turns into amusement when he recognizes the all-too-familiar voice. His steps come to a halt and he turns to face the familiar red head.

Weeeell, if it isn’t my favorite student. How are you do-in’, baby?

I wasn’t expecting to see you here.

She’s awfully cheerful, isn’t she? Cabanela supposes it’s nothing particularly new.  But the fact she didn’t call him ‘inspector’ brings on some confusion. They’re not working; he guesses there’s no harm in it.

Lynne can’t help but find the trademark chipper grin on her face turning all the more amused at that brief expression of utter surprise - surprising Cabanela is pretty fun. That and it shows she’s good at ‘tracking down’ people, just like a good detective should, when she wants to be! Hey, maybe she’ll even be good enough to follow Jowd without him knowing, one day?

"I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking! Sure hope things are going well for you, too, Cabs!"

That sunny, positive, statement said, she shrugs, saying:

"I dunno why, but that happens a bit! I seem to surprise a lot of people here these days."

(Mainly because they’re from other universes, but she’s not going to blabber about other universes just yet.)

"It’s nice to see you, too, though!"

She hasn’t seen Cabanela in ages! It’s nice to see one again, even if it’s not ‘her’ one.

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Oh no, Miss Lynne, you aren’t imagining it! Wow you can really hear me, since when can you talk to ghosts?!

-The speed of his tail whipping to and fro seems to have increased as he takes a few steps toward her. Even that’s a stretch, ghosts don’t usually have much to step with but she seems to have recognized his mental form just fine.-

And you talked to Sissel too?! Oh, please don’t tell Miss Kamila that you’ve seen me, she might get confused because I—

-He stops. Suddenly. That perpetual wagging that seemed to rock his whole little body just comes to a complete stop-

I’m not born yet here. How do…HOW DO YOU KNOW ME?!

"Alright, sooo…I’m not imagining it, and you’re actually speaking to me. O-okay…this is really confusing! But It’s not any stranger than talking to Sissel, sooo I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, huh? Hehe!"

A small giggle - mostly a way to let go of that pent-up confusion there - before she gasped, she saying:

"But…how did you even die? I know you were back safe at home with Kamila, the door was shut and everything!”

Unless - unless! Unless this is another case of that utterly confusing ‘ALTERNATE UNIVERSES’ thing…? It seems likely. Any timeline where someone who she cares about dies, though…she won’t lie, that’s making it a bit hard to stay completely cheery right about now, and her smile falters considerably.

"Yeah, I’ve met Sissel. I hope I can help him with his lost memory, but anyways. I understand. Kamila’ll p-probably be as shocked as I was, even more maybe, so it’s probably a good thing to not say anything about it…"

Suddenly, her explanations were cut off, the loyal doggie exclaiming how she knew him when he ‘was not even born yet’. Oh. THAT confirms the whole ‘other universe thing. Gosh, you hate this whole time travel junk!

"But you have been born here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recognize you, would I? I don’t really understand much about this myself, buuut - this must mean you’re from ‘another timeline’ or ‘universe’ or whatever that is. It’s really confusing, but apparently people from all different ‘timelines’ can meet each-other here for some weird, duuumb reason…”

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-the little pom has frozen in his tracks, if you could call them that. Lynne has never seen him before, let alone addressed him, reached a hand out to him or—WHAT IS THIS?! Despite the situation, or perhaps because of it, the specter dog’s tail cuts through the air in happy, wagging arcs-

Miss Lynne, Miss Lynne! Can you see me, Miss Lynne? Can you hear me?!


Lynne’s cheery smile flickers to an utterly surprised expression at ACTUALLY HEARING the dog talk, she saying:

"Ho-buh-did you just talk, Missile? Or did I imagine it? This i-is so strange…but yeah, of course I can see you! Why wouldn’t I be able to? I’m more confused about how I can understand you. Maybe talking to Sissel did that or something…?"

For once, she’s actually completely, utterly befuddled about a situation, with no ‘detective’ knowledge to back her up in any way.

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The red-haired detective blinks in a bit of bewilderment at seeing a familiar lanky lawman traipse into view: this must be yet another ‘Cabanela’ that’s not the one from ‘her’ universe, seeing as how her one is awfully busy and all. However, the thing that’s thrown her is the fact that, for once, she’s met a Cabanela without the trademark white  coat. Every Cabanela wears a white coat, that’s common knowledge!

So why doesn’t this one wear that coat? Despite her confused thoughts, she waves at the Cabanela, a cheery smile on her face despite the confusion.

"Hiya, Cabanela! Nice day today, huh?"

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"Well, hi there, mister spikes! If there’s any important cases you need help with, could you maybe pass them on to my boss ? I’m really busy trying to help my mentor and a friend of mine right now, but if you like, as a detective, I can take a message for you and solve your case later?

But it’s really nice to meet a new face! I’m Lynne.”

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"…!!! Missile? Missile!

It really is you! It sure is nice to see you again! Have you been taking really good care of Kamila, boy?”

She leans down on her knees to try and gesture the cute fluffy dog over and scratch him behind the ears: with all the ‘scary’ stuff happening of late, it certainly is a nice change of pace to see a face from the past she DOESN’T mind meeting again!